25 April 2011: A Very Pink Welcome

Welcome to my brand new blog! After about a year of photographing my outfits almost daily, I decided I needed a way to organize myself. And after a year of reading style blogs, why not share with others who also might be interested? I’ve been blogging for ten years, but primarily fandom. This will be a new adventure. 🙂

JCrew Jackie cardigan (in Neon Azalea), Gap skirt, Juicy Couture choker, Hot Kiss ballerina flats.

The inspiration for this outfit was the cardi, which I just got yesterday. I wear a lot of cardigans, especially the Jackie style, but none were pink! I saw Emma Pillsbury wearing this color on Glee and decided it needed to come home with me, too.

It’s very, very bright. No one seems to be able to photograph it to show off the color correctly, JCrew included! My coworker teased that he was afraid to look directly at it. I tried to combat that with the green skirt – brown was a little meh, and my long grey skirt made it a little too literally retro. It might look better/more toned down over a shirt of another color. I will definitely be playing with it a lot, because I am determined to make it work!


What do you think?

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