26 April 2011: Spring!

I had originally planned to wear a dark purple sweater over the green tank, but then I woke up and it was 59 out, going up to 66. Halleluiah! Light purple it is.

JCrew Jackie cardigan (in Orchid, I think), Merona tank, Gap Premium Skinny jeans, LL Bean black ballerina flats, Target orange belt, orange flower pendant

I was actually hoping to build an outfit around this cute chunky orange beaded necklace I got this weekend, but the outfit ended up a little too delicate for that. This orange flower necklace is actually broken, which has made me sad, but I realized I could still wear it – instead of going around my neck and fastening, I just slip the threads over my head. Longer than anticipated, but wearable.

I think this Jackie color is my favorite – I tend to wear it the most. Purple and green is my favorite color combo, so it gets a lot of opportunities. I adore these jeans, and bemoan the fact that they are too big – they fit perfectly for the first two hours I have them on, and then they stretch and sag and bug me. I have to belt it if my top isn’t long enough, or else I can get questions on my appendectomy scar!

This is an old tank top, and one that I don’t think I’ve worn out in public before. It’s kind of stretched out, but I think the cardigan masks that decently well.


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