27 April 2011: Springtime Halloween

I have to do a themed storytime today, Halloween in April.

One of these days, I will manage to wear the damn orange beads! But that day is not today.

April 27, 2011

JCrew Jackie cardigan, Gap Ruffled Tank, Gap Outlet Skinny jeans, Sketcher wedge sandals, sweater clip from Etsy

Three days, three Jackie cardigans. Need to mix it up a little! I didn’t want to overdo the Halloween theme, so pastel orange and grey will do nicely. The clip replaces a necklace, shows off the ruffles and keeps the cardigan from slipping off my shoulders. Win!

My Slushied nails are still going strong. I had planned to change it up last night, but after fixing a big chip on Sunday night, they still look just about perfect. Why mess with it? Tomorrow or Friday will be fine. I’m so impressed with this formula – normally, I have to touch up at least every other day since I use my nails to type so much, but I’ve only had to do it maybe three times in 10 days.


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