Anthropolgie Dressing Room

Right across the street from the theater was Anthropologie. I wasn’t going to go, I wasn’t going to try anything on…and then I was in line for the bathroom and there was someone wearing the Mompos dress behind me. It was clearly A Sign, people. And who am I to argue?

And because it’s anthro, I found other things to try on, too. So, let’s see:

Post-Match Top

Found this on the sale rack. It’s basic, but I’ve been wanting another striped shirt. I like the side details, and I like the sleeves. If I see this on my next visit, it’s worth getting. I have lots of styling options in mind.

Loosened Shelby Blouse

OH MY GOD LOVE. Mad love. I tried on the size 8, and it was roomy around the chest as well as the swingy waist, so I’m going to try sizing down on my next visit. (I only had time for one round of trying on this time.) But it’s a definite winner – little expensive, but again, I already have styling ideas and I’m not sure it’ll make it to clearance.

Odonata Culottes

I love dragonflies, and bows, so I had to try these on! They are cute and so comfortable. I grabbed a size 12, as I always worry about how shorts will look on me, but these were far too big. Which, well, duh. I guess I never believe that I am an 8 now. If these make it to the sales rack, I will definitely buy them, but the cuteness factor isn’t worth $88.

Mompos Dress

What’s with the sour puss? Mostly I forgot to smile and just look grumpy otherwise, but also it’s “Oh, FML, I love the damned $228 dress.” But again – I grabbed a size 12! All reviews said to size up, and I wasn’t sure where I fell in anthro sizing, but clearly, it’s not a 10/12. I was swimming in it, and the belt had several inches of give.

When I tugged the belt to where it should be, though, and it skimmed my waist, it gave me my dream silhouette. I have such love for this dress. My next visit, I will try an 8 or 10 and see how it goes. This may just have to come home with me. I could swing a brown cardi over it, or even maybe pink. Or grey. I have the shoes, too. And I want to wear more dresses this summer.

So, uh, yeah. I am clearly in a BUY BUY BUY mindset. But look at the pretties!


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