6 May 2011: Awaken!

Another Saturday, another Theater Day! I don’t normally see this many shows at a time, but that’s how the timing worked out. I went downtown to see Spring Awakening – amazing show, not so amazing touring cast. 😦 But, as you will see in my next post – my afternoon was not wasted!

JCrew cardigan, Gap ruffle tank, Maurice’s polka dot skirt, Victoria’s Secret leggings, LL Bean ballerina flats

One of these days, spring will actually appear and I won’t need leggings under skirts.

One thing I keep seeing on blogs is that pattern mixing is in style this spring, so this was my tentative foray in it…what do you mean, you can’t tell?! Obviously, the ruffles make stripes and the skirt has dots!

Like I said. Tentative. But I really liked the way this turned out. My mom pointed out my illusion bead necklace would look great with this, so I will try it next time. When I was home, I had the cardi off and actually felt very comfortable with my arms bare. I am not used to being comfortable showing off skin, but I felt confident in this outfit. Almost thin, even. And the skirt twirls. What more can a lady ask for?? I think this is boding well for a cute, successful summer.


What do you think?

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