5 May 2011: Emma-ish

I was home all weekend with my parents, so today is a catch up day!

I’m bummed I didn’t notice this picture was so blurry – sorry, guys! I am posting it anyway because I like my combos and want to remember it.

Gap shirt, Merona denim skirt, Target belt, LL Bean ballerina flats, Maurice bib necklace

It’s no secret at this point that I love Glee and Glee fashion. Emma especially really encouraged me to branch out in terms of styles and colors – I’d kind of always wanted to take more risks with those things, but didn’t feel comfortable. Seeing different ways to pair things inspired me and I’ve had such fun playing with clothes in the last year.

So this ensemble was definitely an Emma Inspiration – specifically the Photo Booth photo shoot. Red and orange wouldn’t have occurred to me on my own. And now I will be playing with bold color blocking this summer! I’ve come a long way. 😉

Anyway, I chose this shirt for this day because I needed to get my driver’s license renewed, and I wanted some color to flash up from the bottom of the shot. The lady who took my picture was so nice, and so taken with my necklace! She even took three shots to make sure I looked nice. I love my local DMV. ❤ (Lombard, IL, btw – worth the drive.)


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