9 May 2011 – Rocker Librarian

Welcome to my birthday week! I am turning 30 on Wednesday and am determined to meet my milestone in cuteness and good cheer. Which is why I spent an hour last night picking out five days of outfits, heh.

Ann Taylor Loft v-neck, Gap skirt, Liz Claibourne boots, handknit scarf with Three Irish Girls yarn

I got the boots from my mother this weekend, since she never wears them anymore, and decided to build an outfit around them. It changed a pretty typical outfit into something totally different, which is fun.

For some reason, I am pinning inspiration for this outfit on Quinn from Glee. Specifically, Quinn in Silly Love Songs – I think it’s the poofy skirt with booties look. Should a nearly 30 year old get inspiration from a 17 year old character? A post for another day.

I’ve never been a fan of boots or booties, but I am slowly starting to see the appeal. I was afraid these make my legs look stumpy, but my mother disagrees, and she would have no problem being honest. I am thinking about getting a pair of heeled oxfords, but maybe these will fill that need. I have been tempted to also play with the socks and booties/sandals look, so we’ll see where that goes. I remember that Sal discovered last year that it works best with thin trouser socks, and I think I only have a pair of hot pink socks that fit the bill. We’ll see how it goes.

I also decided it was time to bring out some of my knitting again. I first tried this slung around my hips, then just around my neck, but as a tie seemed to work best. In my hair and hanging down was a good option, too, but not quite the look I wanted. I love this yarn – it’s Carys BFL in Gwendolyn, so I call it my Torchwood scarf. Such a nerd. 😉


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