11 May 2011: Birthday Girl!

Birthday Lady? Well, Birthday Person, if nothing else! I have successfully made it to my 30s. Eep.

American Eagle tunic, Victoria’s Secret Leggings, Gap flower headband, unknown illusion necklace

I got this dress at the outlet mall in March and haven’t been able to wear it yet. But the last two days, it’s been in the 90s, so here we are! I love wearing red, I always feel so good in it. And today, I wanted to feel good!

The lack of shoes is showing off my pretty pedicure, a gift from my friend – we went on her lunch hour today. (I took the day off to celebrate!) I went in thinking orange and ended up more orangey-red – I think it was the Big Hair color from OPI. Definitely the Spring 2011 Texas collection. It’s bright and cheery and fun!

I’ve just finished my Doctor Who ep of the day, and next is dinner with friends, yay!


2 thoughts on “11 May 2011: Birthday Girl!

  1. Thank you!

    I can’t really change out my earrings, unfortunately. I can only wear gold hoops or bad allergy things happen, so I pretty much just leave this one pair in.


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