14 May 2011: Springlike

Three Saturdays in a row with plans! This is not my usual life. Today was brunch with my aunt. I planned my outfit when it was 85 out, and woke up to 45. Last minute fixes ftw.

Converse wrap dress (from Target), JCrew Jackie cardigan, LLBean skinny belt,  leggings from Victoria’s Secret, Me Too ballerina flats, gifted necklace

I was totally just planning to wear the dress as is, but that was a definite no go. The grey cropped cardi I bought with this also had short sleeves and was a no go. So, hello Jackie and belt. And green wool peacoat over that. Shiver shiver!

This dress is hard to wear. I think this is even my first time wearing it out, after owning it a year or so. I can’t seem to quite tie it together correctly every time. When I do it wrong, somehow, it turns super boxy and unattractive. But then sometimes, it ties right and looks adorable. I don’t get it. Today it ended up a bit boxy, unlike when I tested it earlier this week, so pairing the cardigan over it really worked in my favor.


One thought on “14 May 2011: Springlike

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