Dressing Room

I firmly believe that there is a happy middle ground between a 32 degree windchill (current temperature) and a 95 degree heat index (last week’s temperature), but clearly, May does not agree with me. I declared today a pajama and oversized sweatshirt day, and spent most of it curled up on the couch under a fleece blanket with The Way We Were and Bringing Up Baby. There is no need to document that.

But I can document the gorgeous anthropologie Winsor Knot dress my aunt got me for my birthday. I love the style and color and fabric, but am unsure about the fit. Thoughts?

The length is great, and the jersey cotton fabric is cool and comfortable. The back has adorable button detailing and I love it. But the waist and chest area have me a little mmmm.

The back is great – the waistband is perfectly placed. But it feels like it slopes up in the front, almost like a maternity dress. And then there’s extra fabric beneath my arms and breasts that feels awkward – you can see some pooching on the right.

So: do I keep it, because I love most of it? Or do I exchange it for another dress or top that might fit better?


3 thoughts on “Dressing Room

  1. Any thought to getting it altered? maybe just taking in some fabric under the arms to make it just right? seems like it *could* work. Since it was a gift, you would just be out the money for the alternation.

    But even though you like this in most ways, I’d say looking for something with the right fit would really be better. I wonder if the size down on the same dress would still fit well on the waist but have less fabric in the boobie area 😉

    My new sister-in-law is a huge Anthro fan, and I’m browsing their dresses now trying to guess which one she might wear to her graduation in a few weeks (we are flying down) So when I view Windsor Knot, it suggests I might like Gull Wings. I like the back, but not sure how the ruffle in front would lay.


  2. Okay, indelicate here we go… are you wearing a bra? The dress doesn’t look like you can wear one, unless you have one of those strapless suckers. If you aren’t, I’d say that is your problem. If not….. you might need a different bra, or this is probably going to sound nuts but… a size bigger? The waist looks like it’s the right size, but if it’s pulled up in front it might be just a teense too small. And it can be altered.

    other than your issue with fit the dress really suits you and is adorable on! the neck thingy will smarten up under an iron.


  3. Oh, I hadn’t thought about getting it altered! I’m going to think on that. It’s a sale item, so finding it in stores to try other sizes is hard. A lot of the reviews on the site mentioned both the waistband and extra fabric issues, too. Glad I’m not alone. LOL

    And Karey, yeah, I was wearing a strapless bra. It definitely looks better with it than my usual one, just not quite right still.

    One other blogger tried a belt with it to further define her waist, and that might be something I can try, as well. If that doesn’t work, I’ll talk to the tailor down the street! Thanks, guys. 🙂


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