18 May 2011: Eeek

Augh, bad outfit, bad.

JJill cardigan, Mechant bedazzled tee, Eddie Bauer skirt, HOT Kiss ballerina flats

So wide. I look so very wide. I don’t think it came off this bad in person – the cardigan moves and shows that that is not my waistline. I tried belting over the cardigan, but that looked bad. I tried buttoning the bottom half, and it looked like I was wearing a 1920s frat sweater. I love the color, but two years after purchase, it’s just too big. Sigh. The outfit will be fine this summer when I don’t need a cardigan over it.


2 thoughts on “18 May 2011: Eeek

  1. I think this looks cute on you. Don’t find it ‘wide’ in the slightest. The red is a great punch of color and amps up the color in the shirt underneath. I’d swap the brown shoes out for red or orange though. There’s no color on your lower half. Just my 2p. 😀


  2. I sadly do not own orange or red shoes. I aspire to red, and keep up the hunt. I agree, though, I did need more color down there. Maybe my olive greenish-brownish peep toes next time?


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