22 May 2011: Height

New shoes, yay!

Gap sweater, Merona stretch crops, BOC By Born wedges (Jamaica style, in clay), unknown necklace

These are the shoes I got yesterday – I decided to test them on a Sunday work day, as it’s only 5 hours. These aren’t my usual style at all – I dislike flip flops and shoes without a back – but I adore them. Nearly 3 inches of height and quite comfortable. The tab between my toes didn’t bug me, and while I can’t walk fast at all, I can walk a lot with no pain. Definite thumbs up!


2 thoughts on “22 May 2011: Height

  1. I really like the pleats in the top of this sweater and then how you paired it with the strong necklace. Perfect neckline for that necklace, too!

    So did the shoes stay on without the back okay? They *are* cute.


  2. Thanks! I love the pleats, too – makes a basic tee a little fancier.

    And the shoes stayed on perfectly. I feel like a whole new shoe world has opened up to me now. LOL


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