1 June 2011: Sum, Sum, Summertime

My mother hates this outfit, heh.

Thrifted Ann Taylor Loft cardigan,  Gap camisole, Merona pencil skirt, Stetchers wedges, unknown beaded necklace


Mom wishes I would sub out the purple for my orange striped cami – which I didn’t remember owning when she mentioned it, but now I do. Hmm. It’s staying purple today, but when it’s hotter, I bet that cami would look great with this skirt. Thanks, Mom!


I feel all fun and summery. Perhaps too summery, so far it’s only 73 out. Oops. Oh, well –  I love the cheery colors, and the cardigan goes with my nails!  It’s also a perfect outfit for the Color Brigade. And might kinda be inspired by Darren Criss. Just, you know. A little. *grin* 4 days until the concert!!! Gotta come up with a cute outfit.


One thought on “1 June 2011: Sum, Sum, Summertime

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