My friend and I are talking about going to Disney World in October for Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party. For this, adults are allowed to wear costumes, too. I have a Snow White costume I got almost ten years ago when I worked in an elementary school – it’s been pulled out for many years, working in preschools and children’s libraries since then. I could totally wear it to Disney, too – but it’s baggy now, and it’s old, and I wouldn’t be the only Snow.

Then Meg showed me these tumblr posts:

So cute! So clever! So what if my friend and I dress up as 21st century princesses?

My favorite of the outfits is Snow White’s – it’s adorable and modern. That would involve a lot of buying, though, and I couldn’t pull off that style very well. Aurora is my favorite princess, and I adore that sundress, too. I was thinking I could try to put together an Aurora based around the shirt I wore for Glee or maybe a Cinderella based around my sky blue cardigan.

Fun thinky thoughts. ❤


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