6 June 2011: Victorian

After a week of not sleeping much at the con, then catch up, then Glee, I totally slept half of yesterday! And by God, it was wonderful.

JCrew Jackie cardigan in orchid, Target lace top, Old Navy skirt, Hot Kiss ballet flats

I love this top, but it’s hard to wear because despite being high necked, it’s also low cut. There’s a lot of lace, and it shows about an inch more cleavage than I am normally comfortable with, plus a lot of bra cup and strap. The cardi covers my bra, though, so I think this has made it work appropriate. No complaints, just compliments so far. šŸ™‚ I like the way the lace up top balances the lace at the edge of the skirt.

Bonus shot of my super cute Glee tour top:

When she rang me up, I had this sudden fear that it wouldn’t fit – it looked so tiny. But it fit perfectly and I’m thrilled! They had cute shirts this year – I nearly bought a brown babydoll that said “RIP Pavaratti” on it, but I wear brown so rarely I knew I wouldn’t use it much. They also sold many of the shirts from Born This Way – Likes Boys (and Likes Girls!), Can’t Sing, Brown Eyes, No Weave. If they’d had Trouty Mouth, I would have gotten that instead. šŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “6 June 2011: Victorian

  1. I do like how the lace top balances the skirt, very nice choice! If you were to wear it when it’s too hot for the sweater, could you wear a cami under it? it might come up a little and peak out from the lace, but then the bra straps could be along side the cami straps and no one would even notice.

    and the Glee shirt is AWESOME! what a perfect memento, and it does fit you so perfect.


  2. That’s a fantastic idea! Yes, I think I could totally do that. I’ll have to test it out, because I’d love to show off the cute ruffly cap sleeves and the neat button detailing on the back of the neck. Thank you.

    I love the rainbow slush. ā¤ The concert really was a ton of fun – did you see the recap I posted? I thought you'd appreciate it!


  3. glad to help šŸ™‚

    and you’ll laugh, your recap is still open in my browser because I wanted to reread and actually watch the videos while E wasn’t here šŸ˜€ i haven’t swayed him over to the glee-is-good camp yet!


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