7 June 2011: SRP

And so the madness begins. With elephants.


Summer Reading Program shirt, Merona skirt, Coldwater Creek belt, Me Too flats


The shirt is uncomfortable big, ugh. I never would have guessed I needed a small, but I know for next year.  There is no way to style this nicely. I tried.  I’ll give other skirts a whirl this summer, maybe something will stick. Black circle skirt?


One thought on “7 June 2011: SRP

  1. I first noticed the belt – what a nice hit of color!

    The elephant logo is cute, but it does look big, especially when seeing your nice form fitting tees you’ve been wearing. I have used a large ribbon to tie up a too-big shirt before (the white tank is huge compared to the gold one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kdlb/5168144194/ ), but I don’t think that quite would work here 🙂

    (i see new sign-in options when commenting, interested to see how this looks using twitter instead of as a guest when i comment!)


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