22 June 2011: Nawlins

You guys. There I was, yesterday, freaking out about getting everything done for my trip down South and MY ALARM DIDN’T GO OFF. I woke up at 9:15, showered and got to work by 9:30, and did a storytime for 80 at 10. So there was no time for pics yesterday. But there was today!

Old Navy dress, Victoria’s Secret leggings, LL Bean flats, unknown straw fedora

I love this outfit for flying – no metal to set off detectors, super comfortable and footies in the shoes mean never touching the airport floor when I slip off the flats. It’s my go to style.

Get used to the hat, too-I’m sure it’ll be in every outfit picture for the next week, thanks to the sun and heat! I’m ridiculously exhausted after getting up so early to fly (and be bounced around in the air) and then walking around my temporary neighborhood, but it was absolutely necessary to find the best beignets in New Orleans:

Thanks, Cafe Beignets! See you in the morning for more.


One thought on “22 June 2011: Nawlins

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