23 June 2011: Museum Going

I spent most of my day wandering the National World War II Museum and it was AMAZING. I watched the movie, ate at a 1940s lunch counter (and had a malted strawberry shake) and spent about three hours browsing, reading, watching short oral history videos and learning. I can’t recommend this place enough.


American Eagle tunic dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan in grey, leggings, Sketcher sandals, Eugeni Kim for Target hat, Capt Jack Harkness bracelet from Alesia


Cardigan was highly necessary, despite heat, due to air conditioning! Also, I am digging the leggings length – never tried it before, but my calves look just fine. So do my thighs, for that matter. Noted.

(Geek aside – I had to wear the Captain Jack bracelet for the WW2 museum! Luckily it is also grey, to coordinate with the sweater. But I would have no matter what, of course.)

I love this outfit and I feel ridiculously cute. Not cute enough to chat up the also-solo guy in a tshirt from my alma mater at lunch, sadly, but cute enough to be disappointed in myself that I did not go out to even the hotel bar. :p I was tired after all the walking, still filled up from lunch and didn’t need the calories, and I got ridiculously overwhelmed when I tried to go out for ice cream and instead ended up at Walgreens. LOL! Oh, well. Perhaps tomorrow. I am still here for 4.5 days!


2 thoughts on “23 June 2011: Museum Going

  1. this is really cute. You look super. I like the detailing on the front of the dress too, looks a little ethnic/Moroccan perhaps. And the hat works too.

    I love that you wore Captain Jack for WW2 museum. The info about T:MD was in EW this last issue or so and it totally made me want to start watching (still only have seen him on his Dr Who eps). E’s not excited tho, so it may be a solo-watch.

    (because I must always add a personal-to-me-note, it convinces me i need some leggings that length – my lower legs are actually nice looking, and I think this would be ideal. 😀 )


  2. Thank you! And of course, I had to wear Jack, because I am a proud dork. 😉 I do madly love Torchwood, and I think you would, too. I’m still sad over how the last miniseries ended, but it’s still worth watching.

    I was so surprised that this leggings length worked, but it totally does. I bet you would look super cute in leggings, can’t wait to see. 🙂


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