5 July 2011: Keeping it Cool

It’s HOT out. Nearly 90 and high humidity. My window AC may be weak, but it is better than nothing!

Gap tank, Eddie Bauer camp shirt, Gap Premium Skinny jeans, Sketcher sandals, unknown orange necklace


Light, floaty, airy – perfect for ugly hot weather. Jeans for storytime day. Of course, my director came down to talk about a program I’m leading the next two days, and her eyes widened upon seeing me – I think this is probably the first time she’s seen me in pants! Even when we went downtown to check out other libraries this winter, in 0 degree weather, I was in a wool skirt and lined tights. Witness:

Fleece lined tights are an amazing thing indeed. Mine were $10 at Target, and a very wise investment. They didn’t look bulky, but were very warm.


2 thoughts on “5 July 2011: Keeping it Cool

  1. Casual but professional looking. That top looks so versatile, a little gauzy to make it show things through. i like it. I may need to look for something like that, perhaps without the pockets which would highlight certain things in a possibly wrong light (getting older == not as cute and perky 😉 )

    I do love how warm the plaid and tights look, certainly a keeper outfit for this next winter!


  2. I do love this blouse – I need to remember that and put it into rotation more often. It usually only gets worn once or twice a summer, and that’s just silly.


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