Okay, this is what I have hit on so far. My idea is that Tonks is kind of punkish. This is awesome, but out of my reach. These vary in quality, but I adore this one. This site has full length promo shots. All jumping off points.

So I definitely can’t do the coat. I do have a black hoodie, but it’s July. Painful. I can’t find it now, but I did find a screencap of her in a red shirt with black coat over it. There is a purple wig I can use at work, although I am thinking of doing a temporary pink spray dye for the day/weekend. All of these things put together ended up in the following ideas:

Weird Sister Tonks

(imagine that it’s Weird Sisters and not Big Bang Theory. It’s a draft.)

Hogwarts Tonks:

(She’s Hufflepuff.)

General Tonks:

ETA: Okay, this one, I’m digging. Note the photoshopped hair. LOL

Thoughts? What’s worth building off of?  Will the last one work? I’m digging it the more I look at it…


2 thoughts on “Cosplay!

  1. I love the black and red with those sexy heels. may be a little less punky than the others but I have to say it’s smokin’. obviously from my tweet, I’m not having a great amount of character knowledge, but they all seem fun. and if you ever get the urge for purple hair, that’s the newest color of manic panic I just picked up 😉 (gonna do a streak underneath where it’s greyest)


  2. I’m thinking that the red and black will become a for-real outfit this fall, because I like how it turned out, too!

    After going pink for the day, I’m slightly addicted. Maybe I could do streaks like yours!


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