15 July 2011: HARRY POTTER DAY

This is me at 6am when I came in from the Harry Potter movie. We saw the 3am showing in 3D, and let me tell you – 3D is so so so worth it. Amazing.

Harry Potter shirt from Expo, Canyon River Blues skort, LL Bean flats, exhausted look


And this is me dressed up for our Harry Potter extravaganza at work!

Charlotte Russe shirt, Sears shorts, Old Navy Tights, Liz Claiborne boots, Gap sweater, Claire’s studded bracelets (2, snapped together to make choker), wand

Jerome Russell Hot pink hair spray!


5 thoughts on “15 July 2011: HARRY POTTER DAY

  1. Love. It. LOTS! The pink hair was super cute. I can’t believe you washed it all out that quick tho, with that much work, i woulda tried to keep it for the day at work… i know, you probably couldn’t, but still 😀

    The purple tights were a nice touch too. Fun overall outfit 🙂 Have you dressed up for every HP movie premiere? I was trying to remember some of the others you had done over the years 🙂


  2. In my haste to post, I had the text in the wrong place! So I was in black for the 3am showing, and then got all fancy and pink for work this afternoon. I already warned my boss that I might end up still pink on Monday, and actually, I really kind of have fallen in love with the pink! I don’t *think* there are rules against it…

    This was my first time dressing up for a movie party, but I also dressed up as Molly Weasley for the final book party back in ’07. I have to say, it was stressful figuring it out, but SO MUCH FUN to wear!


  3. You look awesome!! Saw Dumbledore, Hermione and several deatheaters at my showing. Know there must have been more but with the sea of people [they sold out 9 theaters for the midnight show] it’s no wonder I didn’t see them.

    Didn’t find the 3D anything exciting at all [in fact, just the opposite; was annoyed wearing the glasses for no value in the quality], but I’m glad other people enjoyed it!


  4. Thanks, Liss!

    Death Eaters and Dumbledore? That;s awesome, I mostly saw Tonks and generic Hogwarts students. I’m sorry that you didn’t like the 3D, though. I thought it added depth to most of the scenes, but I might also have been swayed by the fact that this was the first 3D thing I’ve seen that didn’t make me motion sick. *g*


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