2 August 2011: Heat Wave

HOT. it is bloody hot and humid out and so naturally I walked over a mile shopping for work. At least I was smart and chose flats instead of my 3 inch sandals!

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, LL Bean flats


Love this shirt. Love it love it love it. Not so keen on how it looks in this shot – I think I needed to hike the jeans up again. But I can’t wait to wear the blouse again, with the tie in a bow, maybe. It’ll be hard to wear past September since the cute ruffles would be hidden by a cardigan, so I need to wear it as often as I can until then!


4 thoughts on “2 August 2011: Heat Wave

  1. I like this shirt a lot too. The ruffles for sleeves and around the neckline are cute. And I like the tie low and more casual – i’m having a hard time imagining it as a bow w/o looking 80s. 🙂 Not that it would be *bad* just my thought 😀


  2. Oh, man, I love her hair. LOL I’m sorry she got voted off for that reason alone. I’m getting tempted to go super short. Probably not that short, but it was adorable. *g*


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