16 August 2011: With Bows On

I feel exceptionally girly today.

Maurice top, Old Navy skirt, Aerosole sandals


Man, why don’t I wear this top more often? I love it. And maybe grown women shouldn’t like bows, but damn it, I do. I spent all last fall and winter looking for bows of all sorts on tops and dresses, and it turns out that I was just running a year early. Pussybows are on all the runways and red carpets now, and I for one am thrilled!


But next time, I should probably not wear a bow on the skirt and top at the same time. At least they’re subtle.


3 thoughts on “16 August 2011: With Bows On

  1. This is lovely. I don’t think that’s too much bows, they are definitely blended into each piece in a subtle but still romantic-y way. The shape of the shirt is really nice on you.

    With your hair up, I might add some dangly earrings to this outfit 🙂


  2. Thank you! I love the drape and fit on the shirt, too – I think it’s jersey. I need to play with that fabric more, it’s fun.

    Dangly earrings would be perfect, agreed. I wish I could sub these out, but I have too many allergies. Although they are hoops…I bet I could make some diy attachments to change out. Could be fun.


  3. My friend Dryden who takes online craftybiz classes with me was just talking about earring jackets on her blog to enhance a wedding set she customized for a friend (she still wanted to wear the earrings from her now husband, but wanted them more fancy!) http://designateddryden.com/?p=589 I hadn’t heard the concept of “jackets” until her post! so maybe something along those lines would be worth looking for 🙂


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