25 August 2011: Matchy-Matchy

For Lady K. *grin*

Gap camisole, Gap wrap shirt, Old Navy flouncy skirt, Me too flats, New York and Co necklace


Matching the pinks and the purples, with a dash of brown for fun. This was a mad scramble outfit when the first one didn’t work out. Actually, the second and third didn’t either. I have so many clothes on my bed waiting to be put back, I’m almost embarrassed! But it worked out.


2 thoughts on “25 August 2011: Matchy-Matchy

  1. oh yay, Lady K approves 😀 This is the shirt I totally want to copy with a hand-knit version and I love how versatile this brown skirt is with everything. And purple beads, can’t go wrong in my book 🙂 good one!! 😉


  2. Hee, i thought you would!

    I do love this skirt. Right now, I’m just kicking myself that both of my booties are black. I need a pair of brown boots! I know we just had a conversation about mixing black and brown and how they are booth neutrals, but for some reason, I can only halfway get behind this notion. *g*


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