10 September 2011: Bonus

Two shots for you today!

Me this morning:

Me this afternoon:

Forever 21 top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinnies, LL Bean flats


I had thought to go even shorter, but I really like how it turned out. Can’t wait to play with new styling!


4 thoughts on “10 September 2011: Bonus

  1. love the before and after! and i hope the new product is a good one, i’ve found excellent things by listening to hairstylists in the past (okay, very far in the past, it’s been a couple years since I went to a hairstylist!)

    I like the stripy shirt too 🙂


  2. I’m going to play with it tonight, see if I can get it looking cute and piecy with the wax. It’s spray on, which I find very user-friendly. Here’s hoping!

    The stripey shirt is so cute, and apparently so cheap, because I’ve already had to sew up a seam!! An easy fix, but annoying when only worn for an hour or two.


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