19-24 September 2011: A Rush

This has been a crappy week full of medical crises with various family members, plus an impending move on my parents’ part. I’ve been able to duck into my apartment for about 30 minutes every day, but the rest of my days were at work and my parents’. Kept up with the pictures, but no way to blog until today!

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan (thrifted), JCrew camisole, black skirt, Me Too flats

Gap top, JCrew cardigan, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, LL Bean flats

(Day off!)

Coldwater Creek shirtdress with belt, LL Bean flats

(Playing with mixing neutrals, as Lady K and I discussed)

Cashmere sweater, Merona pencil skirt, tights, Aerosole wedges

(I like this color combo. Next I’m trying it with my pink/purple sparkly wool pencil skirt.)

JJill camisole, JCrew cardigan, Ann Taylor Loft skirt (thrifted), tights, LL Bean flats

Miss Chievous colorblock tunic, JCrew cardigan, JCrew camisole, Forever 21 leggings, LL Bean flats

It was a week of meetings and interviews on top of personal stress, which made outfit picking a challenge – I had my 20 minutes at lunch to pull something together for the next morning and hope it’d work, because there was no time to try on or change in the am!


I’m helping my parents move the next two days, so hopefully I’ll be back Tuesday or Wednesday. Possibly Thursday. Oy.


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