3 October 2011: Twirl!

We’re just going to call last week a lost week. *g* Lots of moving, lots of exhaustion, not a lot of great looks. Moving forward!

Gap ribbed tank top, Ann Taylor Loft cardigan, Anthropologie Settee Roses skirt, Me Too flats, Juicy Coutoure choker


I adore this skirt! It makes me happy to wear it. Pockets help. I’ve been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed lately, but I have some cute potential outfits coming up. I like spending the time to feel cute – it really helps my outlook.


2 thoughts on “3 October 2011: Twirl!

  1. I love the chocolate brown on you! If you like the [now probably not in style anymore] turquoise and chocolate color combo, you should try it out. It’d look aces on you!


  2. Thanks! I hated brown for years, but I’m starting to like it more and more these days. I will definitely try brown and aqua – maybe my aqua necklace with a brown dress.


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