13 October 2011: Dotty

When things get tough, the tough look for artificially constructed ways to feel better.

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby Blouse, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny Jeans, Me Too flats


Which is to say, these are new jeans and my entire outfit is comprised of size 4 items. Except the shoes, those are still a 9. This is a new size for the bottom half of me, and somewhat frustrating because my body clearly isn’t a size 4 – vanity sizing makes me feel worse about myself, oddly enough. Reality isn’t matching up. But hey – when you’re down, any port in a storm.


That is also to say that Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream is delicious and quite heavy on the rum flavor. I approve.


5 thoughts on “13 October 2011: Dotty

  1. even when vanity sizing isn’t helping me feel better, i remember how pleased I am that I just found pants that fit my body (for the most part… I keep loosing and gaining the same 2-4 lbs and it’s enough to make my jeans tight. I love how they look, and they are the smallest size I’ve had for years) So anyhow, numbers don’t matter as much as how you feel in them. {{hugs}}

    I just love how these red flats match so many of your outfits, it’s like “red shoes” is a neutral for you 🙂 (heh, funny because my red marbley danskos are my neutrals too)


  2. You’re right, that’s such a better way to look at it. That’s what I need to focus on – being happy with how things look and fit. I’m getting better about it and feeling comfortable going up and down in sizes based on looks and just feeling good about what I feel comfortable trying on these days.

    I have totally turned these shoes in my neutral. *g* I’ve been eyeing red Danskos on Amazon lately – my coworker has awesome pairs and I’m ready to add some more red into my wardrobe!


  3. What did I tell you throughout our shopping trip? I, for one, don’t think it’s vanity sizing. You are getting very tiny. It’s more obvious to me, because I don’t see you for months at a time.


  4. Objectively, I know I must be getting smaller, but I guess it’s been so gradual that I can’t really believe or see it! I still feel big and kind of lumpy. It’s weird to think that this is my size and I’m not sure how to get that in my brain.


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