Dressing Room: part one

Operation: Distract Shelley took place on Friday in the following locations: anthropologie, Magnolia Cupcakes, Argo Tea and Lush, with brief forays into The Disney Store, Zara and Macy’s.

Basically, this happened:

(No, they didn’t all get boughten. But I did take an hour or so to try things on.)

Some winners, some losers, some maybe laters. Let’s explore.

Starred Entry tee in Red

This is a medium, so it’s TTS, but it did the oddest things to my chest. Maybe I should have tried a solid color, but this was a no go.  I love the diagonal stripes, but that line across is just wrong.

Slung Sash tee in red

I didn’t actually pull this one, it was just waiting in my dressing room. I actually loved this a lot, but it’s not work appropriate and I don’t go on enough dates to spend $88 on it. Maybe for sale time, if it drops low enough. I adore the neckline, and the medium fits well.

I now notice that there is an online exclusive dress, Tsubaki, which looks quite similar with a perfect pattern. Hmm. Well worth considering for a wishlist.

Unknown – it’s already off the sale page

I wanted to love this, especially for $20. But this was a small and it was SO BIG. Sad. But I need a sparkly tank top at some point.

Trifecta Tee in orange

I’ve been trying and trying to find an orange shirt for months, so I had to grab this. This is a medium, so it runs true to size. I love the ruching and the flowers. Short sleeves are hard to manage in fall/winter – they get hidden by cardigans, which is a shame. I dithered on this one for awhile, because I think it makes me look more pear-shaped than I prefer, but it ultimately won me over. I have a lot of style options for it, including tucked in ones that could eliminate the pear issue, and it’s something that has been missing from my wardrobe. Sold, for $58.

Except now I’m having second thoughts again. Is this a keeper or a returner, friends?

Bishop Sleeve Pointelle Tunic in Lilac

My mother said this was drab, and looking back, I can see that. It’s alpaca, so it’s soft and not scratchy, but does obviously require a camisole under it (hi, tummy). Love the boatneck and lace, but however cuddly it is, it lacks a wow factor. Also, I feel I own something similar. Or maybe I’m just thinking of the dozen purple sweaters in my winter wardrobe. I need to break that rut.

Noon and Night dress in Gold

I’ve seen this online and in person for months, and never tried it on – it looked like a 1960s Catholic school girl dress. And then I tried it on and fell in love. Mad love. A love to spend $158 on. This is a medium and while there’s a bit of extra room, that will be perfect for layering. I asked three salesladies – how do I style this color? I got back some great answers that I’m excited to try. Maybe even tomorrow! I adore the silhouette and fit and the fabric is delightfully stretchy and comfortable. The wine color is probably more Me, but I am surprisingly drawn to this gold. I am going to wear the hell out of this dress this winter, and have fun doing it.

Part two, dresses, bottoms and the shirt I actually went there to try on, to come later.


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