7 November 2011: Back!

Yay, I’m back! I really needed that week away – I’m feeling much more like myself again, with plans to keep that up.

Gap sweater, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, Bass Heritage boots, Coldwater Creek necklace


My parents live 15 minutes away from an outlet mall, which provided me with hours of entertainment! The Bass outlet store had boots $75-$100 off, and these ended up being $90 off. I’m thrilled with them! I’ve always been reluctant to try on knee high boots because my calves are large, but these fit great. I’m so excited to wear them all winter, with skirts and jeans and leggings!! I love the buckles on the side:

And bonus shots of the beach we visited:


2 thoughts on “7 November 2011: Back!

  1. OMG, love the boots! I’m on a serious boot-lust right now, I’ve never had any or known how to wear them, but really want some. Of course, the ones at Payless were such cheap crap, I just couldn’t get on board with that. The ones I’d really like are Danskos because I know their other shoes fit me so well. But would I wear them enough to offset the expense? I certainly don’t have the extra $ for them right now, so it’s really just idle thoughts 🙂 ANYHOW! I wonder if there’s an outlet mall anywhere on my road trip to CA. 😉

    the purple sweater is really cute too.

    Glad you got to visit the beach before it was too cold to go out there. I grew up going to Lake Michigan, but on the other side 😉 Oh, is that the lake? I was assuming 🙂


  2. BOOTS! ::twirl:: I really am thrilled to finally have a pair. I’ve been eyeing coworkers with envy for two seasons now. *g* And the price is what made it so doable. Outlet malls are the best things in the world, I swear. *g*

    Yep, totally Lake Michigan. It was such a lovely day there!


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