11-17 November: A Week in Review

I’ve not been feeling great the past week, so while I’ve been taking pictures, this was my first chance to get them up!

Old Navy tshirt, Old Navy crochet top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Sweet 554 mary janes

Old Navy dress, Gap scarf, Ann Taylor cardigan, Victoria Secret leggings, Me Too flats

(An accidental ode to the Fourth Doctor!)

Anthropologie top, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, Sweet 554 Mary Janes

Ann Taylor Loft sweater, Old Navy skirt, Hue tights, Aerosole wedges

(I adore this sweater, but the proportions are hard to manage. I have the ends tucked up here, which helped a little. Also,  I love the skirt, but I think I need to line it. The slit up the back goes so high a slip wouldn’t work.)

Old Navy top, Old Navy Rock Star jeggings, Bass Heritage boots, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, Alecia beaded bracelet

My friend and I went to the Museum of Science and Industry today, to see the official tree light and visit Christmas Around the World – it was fantastic! Naturally I had to wear red with a hint of green. We also saw the Dr Seuss exhibit, which was great, and the Rocky Mountain Express OmniMax movie, which was beautiful. It’s by far my favorite museum, I just wish it was easier to get to!


4 thoughts on “11-17 November: A Week in Review

  1. The orange shirt outfit would be awesome with some hand knit socks with that color orange in some variegated color scheme 😉 Those shoes are just calling for a little peep of loveliness!

    The boyfriend cardigan looks great over the red shirt for your Museum day.

    Side note that you made me think of…. We have a Sci/Industry museum here in Portland that does have some really neat exhibits – my parents just took Lisa and Jon to it for the baby development exhibit, it shows fetuses for most of the major development stages. Oh wait, I may not have told you that news, I’m gonna be an aunt again in May!


  2. I actually bought these shoes because they were rec’d on Rav for being awesome handknit sock show-offs!! Now I just need the patience to knit socks. LOL

    And oh, congrats!!! May is, of course, a perfect month. 😉


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