22 and 23 November 2011

A quick update today.

Ann Taylor Loft skirt (thrifted), Gap tee, JCrew cardigan, Aerosole wedges, sweater clip

I love this skirt – the flounces are so fun. For some reason, though, even a slip didn’t help the bunching over the tights. Annoying. But I’ve been meaning to show off the button detailing – it buttons instead of zips up the side.

About a year ago, my coworker lent me her curlers. I had a hard time making them work, so she promised to do my hair and show me how. Today, our boss was out and we made good on the promise. *g* So, yes, had a small child peeked in through our window into the staff room, they would have seen Miss Shelley with a head full of crazy curlers!

Gap tie top, Gap long sleeve tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinnies, Bass Heritage boots

I’m totally digging on the swoop of my bangs, but the rest is making me giggle. I’m getting a lot of comments on the curls, but most are also laughing, I think. *g*

Layering is hard for me, partially because I hate covering clothes up, partially because I am terrified at adding more bulk to my torso. Things I need to get over. So this outfit is not my favorite, but I like the way the colors look together, and I even like the black poking up from the neckline. I like how layering looks on other people, so I want to try more this winter.


2 thoughts on “22 and 23 November 2011

  1. oh yay those buttons up the side are really cool!

    The curls are such fun, your haircut works with it, IMO! I love the idea of you with curlers on at work too :giggle:

    AND the layering on that outfit is cool. I do love the burgundy tie top. I like the black popping out at the top, I wonder if a more simple black neckline would work even better to keep from having two diff styles there at the top.

    My layering story of the moment… I have two long sleeve cotton tees that I regularly use for layering (in fact, the white one has a stain on it, so it can only be used in layering at this point). This lets me wear some of my summery things into the fall and spring. May not be as trendy as it could be, but Portlanders tend to layer a lot anyhow, so I’m not alone. I tried 3 different options with my new hand knit dark purple vest – short sleeve white tee in CA where it was warmer, longer lavender satiny button up, and long sleeve black tee back home. They all worked!


  2. Aren’t the buttons fun? They make it a little more special. And good call on the neckline – I’m going to try my new simple navy long sleeved top under it next.

    I think the layering under summery things is totally on trend! I love cardigans, but I also like the way shirts under lets you keep the lines of the item right. That vest sounds super cute and I’m jealous of its versatility!


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