1 Dec 2011: Sparkle + Countdown

I love December. It’s cold and it’s snowy (and we’re not sick of it yet) and there are lights everywhere and Christmas music and Christmas presents and Christmas. It’s a win all around.

And when December can start with a countdown of T-One Year, then it’s all the better. I was in such a happy mood this morning, I required sparkles.

Modcloth skirt, Gap top, Ann Taylor cardigan, Eddie Bauer tights, Aerosole wedges, Forever 21 necklace

I bought this skirt last year as a dupe for a Kate Spade one that I fell in love with and couldn’t afford, but Modcloth sizing isn’t consistent. This was the first time I was able to wear it and have it fit comfortably, so, SQUEE. I really do love it. The necklace is new – I bought it yesterday shopping. I love how it catches the lights.

But what made me so excited I had to sparkle?

Hee! My best friend and I were talking this morning about a potential trip to Disney World – her daughter’s first – and by noon, we had booked it. Dec 1, 2012, I will be with the best friend/baby combo on a magical trip to Disney. ❤ Hurrah for spontaneous advance planning.


3 thoughts on “1 Dec 2011: Sparkle + Countdown

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