2-6 December 2011: Merry and Bright

I was testing out potential outfit ideas tonight, and I am thrilled that I figured out two ways to style an old dress that I never wear. I’m sure at least one of them will come up this month. But anyway, this is what I’ve actually been wearing.

Merona polka dot top, JCrew Jackie cardigan in slate, Old Navy Sweetheart skinnies, (red) converse

Basically my only concession to dressing down for staff day were the converse. But they were fun, dang it.

Horny Toad top, LL Bean skirt, Eddie Bauer belt, Old Navy socks, Aerosole wedges

I love these socks, but I have yet to find a shoe that I think works right with them. I don’t know what my hangup is, but it prevents me from wearing them very often. Ideas?

JCrew camisole, JCrew Jackie cardigan in cerise, Talbots skirt, Bass Glenbrook saddle shoes

I love these shoes, but they really do need more insole padding. So I bought a pair of gel inserts and now they are perfect. Not only more comfortable, but it solved the roominess problem too. No more need for two pairs of socks, the tights alone were just fine. Whee!!

Also, this is the best color cardigan ever. Love.


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