Closet Wishlist

2011 Wishlist
I’m pretty happy with my current wardrobe, but I admit, there are things I dream about getting.

1. Red shoes. Well, honestly: any non-black shoes. I have olive heels, pink flats, brown flats, brown Doc Martins and a bazillion pairs of black everythings. I need variety. And I especially need red. These are super cute red Dansko’s I’ve had my eye on.

2. T-strap shoes. Preferably in red, but definitely t-strap. Whyyyyyyyy can’t I find these anywhere? Am I shopping in the wrong places? I want. Badly. Any ideas or leads?

3.  A red swing coat. I have a green peacoat that I love (thanks, Rory!), but I want a coat with shape and flair and fun in addition to a cool color. I actually saw the perfect coat two winters ago, made by Jessica Simpson, but I did not want to spend the money. I sincerely regret that move.

4. Plaid pants. I scoffed at them earlier this autumn, but I’ve caved to the Betty Draperness of them. A coworker and I had been talking about this one pair from anthropologie for months and then they went on sale last week ($270 down to $70), but I hesitated at buying them online without trying on. I may check the store when I’m in the area on Friday – despite the fact that Kurt Hummel wore them last night on Glee. Augh. I go back and forth on whether or not I could pull them off, but I’d like to try.

5. Skater skirt. I love circle skirts of all lengths and I love skirts that twirl and swirl. This one, although only representative of the style, is adorable.

6. Knife pleated skirt. Again, I scoffed at them for ages all fall – they were on the frumpy side of retro, I thought. But I kept seeing them everywhere and everyone made them look so cute and modern and damn it, I want one now. But even at Old Navy, they are expensive and I’m cheap. So alas. I am without.

7. Oversized sweater. This urge has surprised me lately. Last year, after losing weight and buying clothes that fit, I was obsessed with showing it off. This mostly meant I belted EVERYTHING, at my natural waist, in order to draw attention to it. I still have work to do with my body image, but this year, I’ve relaxed that tendency. And now, I think a slightly oversized, slouchy sweater with a lot of drape paired with leggings sounds cute. Except I don’t own anything like that, because I was so paranoid last year. *g* I see this combined with layering and graphic tops a lot on blogs, which I also find adorable, but I think I’m too old for that. Sadness.

8. Bib necklace. I own a few, but I’d really love one with brightly colored flowers. Something I could pair with a lot of different tops. I keep my eye out, but nothing catches my fancy.

9. Cat-eye glasses. When I got my new frames earlier this year, I wanted a nice, subtle cat eye. There was nothing of the sort available where I was, and I needed new glasses fast so I didn’t shop around. I regret that, too. I like mine fine, but I wish at least one of my pairs was just FUN.

I was not paying attention – I should have gone for an even 10 items! Ah, well. I don’t even know what else I would have picked!


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