19 December 2011: Green

And for a holiday change, green.

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Talbots skirt, BP cardigan, Gap flower headband, Hue knee socks, Aerosole wedges


This was something of a thrown together outfit – I had to spend an extra night at my parents’ because of an allergic reaction, drove back in this morning and threw this together in 10 minutes before work. Out of laziness, I went with knee socks instead of tights and came to regret that – skirt length was awkward. So I posed to not show the strip of skin on my calves, hee.
No picture from yesterday, as it was my annual cookie baking extravaganza, followed by the aforementioned allergy issue. But rest assured: it did involve red and green.


Today’s bit of holiday cheer are our cookie recipes:

Alton Brown sugar cookies with icing

Pecan Nougats

Caramel stuffed Apple Cider cookies

All were delicious (although we recommend halving the cider and cutting the caramels in half). Here’s how ours turned out:


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