21 December 2011: More Green

I have all my presents bought, yay! I just need to go to the mall tomorrow morning to pick up a gift my uncle bought my dad that oddly didn’t get shipped. Hurrah for in-store pick ups.

Ann Taylor Loft sweater, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, tights, Aerosole wedges, vintage brooch

Love this skirt! Glad I thought to wear it this week. Tonight, I plan to be all Christmassy with wrapping and card finishing and Charlie Brown watching, but first, a few fun Christmas reads:

The Hopes and Fears of All the Years – A Doctor Who story published by Paul Cornell, one of the show writers, a few years back. Sweet and sad, much like the Christmas episodes tend to be.

Gift of the Mad Guy – hilarious Doctor Who fic involving Jack, Marian, a baby born in a stable and Hrnu (NOT camels) on internship.

Just Like the Ones We Used to Know – Free Connie Willis story about several different people, all over the  country, and what happens to them when it starts to snow everywhere at the same time, north to south alike.


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