Nail Polish and Glasses

More fun with my friend! She is in the market for new glasses, and I’m always up for trying things on. My two favorite pairs:

Hee! The second ones mostly just make me giggle (is it possible to get more hipster? They give flashbacks of my oversized plastic frames on my tiny face in the 80s), but I actually adore the first set. Of course they are $475 and studded with Swarovski crystals, but they can be found for half that online and I am sorely tempted.


Also, my friend gave me a super fun manicure. Check this out:

Del Sol nail polish (in Blind Date) is a yellow pearl that turns pink in the sunshine! (Excuse the chips in the second pic – there were many cloudy days before I could get a shot.)

How fun is that?? It did turn pink on my trek for pizza in NYC, but I didn’t get a shot because I was walking with some people back to the theater. And then the tall buildings blocked the sun, and then the clouds blocked the sun for the next 4 days! But I kind of love it and am looking around for my own bottle. I am surprisingly enamored of the pale yellow; it’s a cheery and subtle color.


What do you think?

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