18 January 2012: Pattern Mixing

I’m not going black for the day, but I do recommend reading articles on SOPA – Mashable and Wil Wheaton have excellent overviews. Read, think, contact your representatives.

Anthropologie Loosened Shelby blouse, Anthropologie Settee Roses skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan in Burnished Olive, Aerosole wedges


So, this is probably one of those outfits I look back on and wonder what I was thinking. Of course, the answer is: I wasn’t. I had meant to wear a dress, but it wasn’t working. But I already had on the tights and shoes, so I grabbed the top because I thought I’d wear a brown skirt. Then I remembered it was storytime day and I needed a longer skirt and then this happened.

I think it kind of works. Kind of. In its own way.

I forgot to mention in my trip posts, but my friend I hit a resale shop, too. And you GUYS: I found a pair of Penelope Mary Janes. And they were a full size too small. I could have cried! So close. Maybe next time it’ll be right.


What do you think?

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