27 January 2011: 200

Two hundred posts – that sounds like a crazy lot. Almost 8 months of near daily posting – not bad at all.

Old Navy chevron top, Old Navy skirt, tights, Aerosole heels

It’s 40 degrees outside, practically a heat wave. 😉


Last week, I was talking to a coworker about retaking staff pictures and admitted, for the first time out loud, that I’d lost nearly 50 pounds since I started working there. I once read a book where the main character’s internal response to people commenting on her weight loss was, “No, no, don’t look yet! I’m not done!” That’s been largely my response, too and it’s slowly starting to shift. I can’t believe I’ve lost so much weight: 1, that I had so much to lose. 2, that I actually did it and have been successfully keeping it off. 3, that I still have more to go. (Obviously not 50 more, not even close, but still: more.)

But now I’m accepting that what I’ve done is an accomplishment in and of itself, so why hide it? I did good. Just because the journey’s not over doesn’t mean I can’t take pride in how far I’ve come. So: yay me! Can’t wait to see where I am in two hundred more posts.


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