Dressing Room!

Liss and I had our quarterly shopping day and man, did we ever have fun! I was hugely successful at anthropologie and H&M. But the best part was probably trying things on at anthro.

Shawl Collar Boatneck, $68

This was actually what I went in wanting to try on – I saw it in NYC and fell in love. The material is so soft and drapy and the color perfectly vibrant. But when it was on…I wasn’t in love. Not $68 worth, anyway. The small had a better drape on me than the medium, so wishlisted for sale time.

Watercolored Gems Shift, $168

I saw this in the window and made a bee line for it. They jumped from size 2 to 8, so this is a little big, but the real problem is that the material is quite stiff. It looks fine when I’m still, but major pooching when I walk or sit – it just bends out like a triangle at my tummy. No good. Maybe this wouldn’t be such an issue if I was wearing the right size, but gorgeous pattern and perfect neckline or not, this just wasn’t it.

Dropwaist Mini Dress, $134

I was really curious about the dropwaist silhouette, but I think we can agree that it is not for me. It felt super 80s ice skater, and the fact that there’s a huge long cut out in the back that displays my bra prominently really cemented that this dress was Not For Me.

Dropped Dots Dress, $158

Like I said, curious about the drop waist! But this was a definite no go. The size 6 zipped over my waist perfectly, but couldn’t go over my chest. Also, the heavier fabric really did weird puffy things over my hips, too. Pass.

Cerise Stamped Dress, $148

I like things that are cute, but this was a little too sweet for me. I couldn’t resist trying it on, though, and I actually do like it. This is a fun summer dress, runs true to size and I might consider it if it goes to sale.

Rodna Halter Dress, $99 on sale, no longer online

This dress was SO FUN. I loved the silhouette and skirt, it was true to size, but I have nowhere to wear this. Liss also tried it on, and she rocked it far more than I did, so it went home with her instead! I will say it was super fun to twirl in:

But I bet I can make myself a circle skirt that does the same swish. *g*

I did go home with two items, though:

Flutter Hem tee, $48

The website says this is red, but no way. It’s not even orangey-red. But the moment I put it on, I was in love. It is perfectly me and I think it’ll be fun to wear with jeans or a pencil skirt. It runs a little large – this is a size small and it’s perfect.

Incantation Cardigan, $88, in brown

There’s a lot of purple in this brown, so it’s going to go with a lot of things. Size down – this small had great drape. I love how it can be worn open, belted into a wrap, or buttoned into a fun swoosh. I see now that some of the reviews say it snags easily, so I’ll have to keep my eye on that. But I’ve been wanting a cardigan exactly like this and I’m thrilled with this one!


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