24 February 2012: Condiments

This dress looks great with red, but perhaps not this shade of red. It’s a little mustard and ketchup-y, whoops.

anthropologie Noon and Night dress, Old Navy red top, Eddie Bauer tights, Aerosole wedges

I know this dress color is a neutral, but I have the hardest time wearing anything but brown or navy with it. I need to explore more. It’s so cute and so amazingly comfortable to wear, and I need to pull it out more often!


2 thoughts on “24 February 2012: Condiments

  1. I bet this dress would also look great with green. bright or dark green even. I don’t think that color suits my coloring, but I think you are right that it would be a nice neutral… oh, what about purple?! Can you wear it w/o something under it for the spring with a nice floaty shawl? 🙂


  2. Oh, I like that!! I will have to pull out something green next time. And yes, I am looking forward to wearing it sleeveless when it gets a little bit warmer out. I am SO READY for spring and spring styling. I want bare ankles and knees again!


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