28 February 2012: Inspired

I went through my backlog of JCrew and anthro catalogs before tossing them out this weekend. I was paging through one JCrew from the fall, saw an outfit, pulled out the skirt and sweater to copy said outfit, tossed the magazine and entirely forgot the inspiration details and accessories and why I liked it. Nice.

Gap sweater, Merona skirt, Merona scarf, Aerosole wedges

I’ve never been much of a scarf person, but I’d like to try. With that in mind, I bought two very cute print scarves at Target this weekend. I found the website 37 ways to tie a scarf, practiced a few and picked one to wear today – the french knot. It looked adorable. And then an hour into my morning, I realized that I hadn’t washed the scarf, and I was, as always, allergic to the industrial strength cleaner used on clothing products for the stores. Awesome! I caught it while still able to swallow reasonably well, so I moved it to my waist and called it a win.


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