7 March 2012: Spring!

Holy unintended blogging break, Batman! I went out of town for a three day weekend and upon return, my body decided it’d had enough and I spent a day and a half on the couch with TiVo and DVDs and limited computer time. But I am back now!

Gap sweater, JCrew skirt, Aerosole heels, Van Heusen bib necklace

This necklace was one of my purchases at an Outlet mall this weekend – $45, marked down to $14! I love it and can’t wait to wear it all spring and summer.

It’s a glorious 67 outside right now, so hello bare legs! I can’t wait until it’s this weather all the time. As Rory pointed out, we’ve had an entire winter of March – cold and unbeautiful – with no real winter. If I can’t have winter, I want SPRING.

With that in mind, I gave the site a facelift. Perhaps a bit too perky, but it’s cheery in a way that it won’t be consistently outside for awhile.


2 thoughts on “7 March 2012: Spring!

  1. i love the springy makeover for your site! It kinda reminds me of that yellow polka dot design that you used of mine, I can’t remember what site you had it on, maybe something for your family? heh, my memory doesn’t go back far enough LOL!

    The necklace is awesome. And the shirt makes you look skinny and cute! like it 🙂


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