17 March 2012: Spirit of Ireland

After wearing green for this month’s Every Body, Every Wear, I decided to mix it up for the holiday itself.

Anthropology flutter hem shirt, Old Navy skirt, Coldwater Creek necklace and belt, Alecia beaded bracelet, LL Bean flats

I could have sworn this top was kind of fitted, but I was quite off on that. Maybe it hangs differently over jeans. But I like the peplum created by the belt.

After work, I headed out to my friend’s super fun birthday dinner and ended up staying longer than planned. I finally got home around 11, crashed and spent today on the couch with Mad Men and The Help. I am now, obviously, trolling etsy for adorable 1960s dresses.

I also tested out Lush’s new dry shampoo, No Draught. I’ve never tried a dry shampoo before, but I am in love – after a full day, I still have no oil. Considering how often the water in my building goes out, this is entirely awesome.


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