22 March 2012: Brown

I am running out of warm weather outfits in my closet. Luckily, we’re on a downswing – the high totally is only 77.

Mossimo top, Eddie Bauer skirt, Aerosole wedges

This is a go to outfit – basic and, well, boring. I have a hard time pairing this top with any other skirt, which I really ought to work on. Next time, I will be more adventurous.


2 thoughts on “22 March 2012: Brown

  1. I think it’s a fine base outfit that just needs a belt and some statement jewelry. That top would also look very nice and summery with a white skirt or pants/shorts. You might try yellow too, but it’s hard to tell the exact color of the shirt.


    • Oh, I like the white skirt idea – I looked around for one last year and will have to try again. I ordered this amazing (and huge) JCrew necklace off of eBay that I think will be a great accent to this – you’re right, it totally needs some statement jewelry.


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