19 April 2012: Matchy Matchy Dotty

Bring on the dresses this week, apparently. Huzzah.

H&M polka dot dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan in slate,  JCrew bubble necklace, Me Too ballerina wedges

This is such a fun, twirly dress. Possibly a little too twirly – the problem with circle skirts is that when the wind blows, it’s rough to keep it down. This is even harder with two bags of groceries in your hands. I don’t think I flashed anyone. For long.

I really do love the dress, but it felt a little young at first. I took off the headband, which helped, and added the necklace, which definitely helped. I’ll have to play with other styling options next time.


3 thoughts on “19 April 2012: Matchy Matchy Dotty

  1. It’s so funny, because although I’d worn the necklace several times before, it was with this outfit where everyone couldn’t stop exclaiming over it. I guess this really did show it off well, and I’m so glad it worked to age the outfit up a bit!


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