Spring 2012 Wishlist

Last December, I posted a wishlist and I did pretty well successfully fulfilling it. This is what I’m on the lookout for this season.

Spring 2012 Wishlist

1. Floral dress. More florals in general, actually. Which is contrary to what I’ve ever wanted, but they are appealing to me with their cheeriness. This also has a collar and tie I’m interested in, so I might actually be purchasing this dress soon.
2. Skater dress. I adore the H&M one I own, so why don’t I get another? I also want more stripes in my closet. I like stripes.
3. Sailor style something. I especially love the collar with jaunty little tie. This dress isn’t exactly what I want, but it gives a good idea. I’ve also been eying this Forever 21 top except I am not sold on the length or width. But the collar! So cute!
4. Stripes. Really. More stripes. Maybe I need to head to Old Navy this weekend and see if I can find some cute, cheap striped tops.
5. Skater skirt. This is a repeat from the winter. I actually have fabric to try and make my own, if I can sit down and make myself try it. But I love the drape of circle skirts and I want more.
6. Pleated skirt. This is also a repeat. I love the grey one I have, but I’d like one in a brighter color and longer length. I’m going to try wearing the grey one without tights, but I’m not sure it’s doable. We’ll see.
7. Swing shorts. I love the retro style of these. My dragonfly shorts from anthropologie are like these, although I think I might should have gone up a size to get proper swing. They fit, but my thighs might be a bit too big for the right look. Which might be a concern with any pair, so I continue to try and tone my thighs and find the right way to wear them.
8. Scarf. Not necessarily a skull print or a McQueen (although either would be great!), but a smaller and more narrow one than I currently own. This might be something I can make myself pretty easily.
9. Peter Pan collar. I scoffed for so long, but they look so cute on Mad Men. A top or dress with one would be fun, but it could be cool to have a removable one to change the neckline of different sweaters and tops, and to add a fun touch of color blocking. I nearly bought a beaded necklace collar from H&M last week for the same look, and I might go back for it.
10. Cat eye glasses. Some day.

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