8 May 2012: Every Body Every Wear

Look at me, three months in a row! This month, the theme was nautical. A trend that is, as you all know, near and dear to my heart.

Forever 21 striped top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, H&M cardigan, H&M belt from another dress, JCrew bubble necklace, Gap Outlet flower headband, Me Too ballerina wedges

Despite loving the nautical trend, I had zero ideas on how to implement it. After all, I do not own any of the cute dresses I desire. I started googling for ideas and realized I had a lot of options in my closet. This was my favorite and I love how it’s turned out!

Nautical | Everybody, Everywear


4 thoughts on “8 May 2012: Every Body Every Wear

  1. you did a great job
    lol @ you loving nautical but second guessing yourself on how to style it for yourself
    we are all such a mess aren’t we!?
    popped over from EBEW


    • Thanks! And ha, yeah. I was so wrapped up in all the cool nautical things I’ve been looking at and don’t own and didn’t realize I had so many fun options already.


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