14 May 2012: 50s Cool

Because my apartment building sucks for UPS, I tend to have things delivered to my parents. Much higher success rate, and frankly, my job’s facilities department doesn’t need to know that I shop at Forever 21, etc. *g* Which is to say, I spent the weekend at my parents and finally picked up things I’ve been buying, hurrah! Like these shoes.

Old Navy sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Forever 21 hairband, Bass for Rachel Antonoff Odette saddle shoes (via zulily)

Hurrah for cute shoes! I got these for $30 (regular $110) from zulily, which, yes, is mostly kid stuff. But it also has mommy stuff, and I may not be a mommy, but I still like good deals. Plus bonus, I get gift ideas for my best friend’s toddler! Everyone wins.

My heeled saddle shoes were always a bit big, so I went down half a size to 8.5 with these. They are longer than I need, but they don’t shift or feel big at all. In fact, they are a little tight over the instep, I need to relace them. So they kind of run a little big. I’m still bummed they ran out of pink, but the red are pretty fun.


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